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Lane’s  Roadhouse On the Way to  Medora, ND
June 9 - Tuesday We leave early for Miles City, an overnight stop on our way to Medora, ND. We follow I90 to I94 for a 267 mile day.   We stayed here a couple of years ago and did quite a bit of sightseeing at that time.  We are in prairie country and the drive is a bit monotonous.  The weather is good most of the way, but we see plenty of storm clouds headed our way.  It’s hot.  Big Sky Camp & RV Park is adequate for an overnighter with very friendly hosts and a cash-only policy.  We went to sleep with lots of lightening in the distance.  It moved in and gave us quite a bit of rain and not too much thunder.
The Yellowstone River surges under an I90 bridge
Loved this one
A well-seasoned farmer on his well-seasoned tractor reaps his harvest in 90* weather
We all campout in different ways.  Million dollar motorhomes, weekend trailers, etc.  These folks are pretty unique.  With their homemade teardrop trailer pulled by their ‘40’s era, blue, 2-door sedan, they seem content to sit in their lawn chairs reading.  The porta-potty-looking addition is their dressing room and the trailer holds the bike rack.  Their trunk seems to be where they store most everything-clothes, food, etc.  This couple is doing it their way
June 10 – June 11 Wednesday & Thursday With only 150 miles to go today, we waited for the storm to finish in Miles City & the muddy depressions in the campground to recede before we took off.  Those muddy depressions were pretty deep and we’d seen one coach have trouble getting out, so we waited a bit and the Roadhouse rose to the occasion once again.  Our day was uneventful.  Gradually the scenery changed from flat grasslands to strange hills & mountains, mostly green grass-covered rounded mounds, some tall, some not so much.  Dark clouds begin gathering all around us. Of course, to complete our day, it has begun to rain.
Outside of Miles City, MT the Yellowstone River just meanders wherever it wants to
We kept passing rather uniquely named roads                      (Above & Left)
In a place called Beach, ND we found the cheapest gas of the trip.  $2.54 per gallon.  Yippee!
No more flat grasslands for a while.  Gentle rain is falling and the green, green grass is in sharp contrast to the redness of this ‘mound’
We’re within a few miles of Medora.  Wish our freeways at home were this empty
On to Medora, ND